Our services

Automated Mudlogging Systems is dedicated to providing a service which meets the level of evaluation required.

Some of the service levels provided are:

Other services include both geologic and engineering wellsite supervision and consulting provided by our experienced, professional staff. Wellsite geologic services include picking total depth drilled, geo steering, witnessing open hole logging operations, open hole log analysis, correlation, picking core points, core description, picking Drill Stem Test intervals and visual sample examination. Supervising drilling, BOP testing, logging, coring, Drill Stem Testing, running casing, cementing and completions are some of the wellsite engineering services offered.

Automated Mudlogging Systems provides portable mudlogging units for both unmanned and manned use. Advances in process control and computer technology offer a low cost alternative to conventional mudlogging without sacrificing quality or service.

Automated Mudlogging Systems can be used when conventional mudlogging is cost prohibitive. A few of the reasons for using Automated Mudlogging Systems are: verifying correlations and depth drilled; reducing costly daywork by ordering out casing and cement while open hole logging; evaluating reservoirs in directional, horizontal or problem holes where open hole logs may not reach bottom; and supplementing open hole log data in hard to interpret reservoirs such as coals, shaley sands, low porosity carbonates, fractured zones and low resistivity pays.

Automated Mudlogging Systems provides the following:

The following standard mudlog (originally five inches per one hundred feet) is only one of the formats capable of being presented by Automated Mudlogging Systems.

Drilling statistics show five percent of all wildcat wells are drilled to zones above existing producing fields. Shallow pool wildcat wells have the highest success ratio of any type of wildcat well. Over fifty percent of shallow pool wildcat wells are completed as producers. By measuring hydrocarbons directly, Automated Mudlogging Systems will find oil and gas in subtle, difficult and unconventional traps which can be easily missed.